Hurricane Sandy Relief

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Dear Residents,
If you would like to volunteer or donate to help those displaced by Hurricane Sandy and to start the rebuilding process, here are some useful links:     

NYCService has links to official ways via the City to volunteer and donate money or goods to those in need. Click the link below to find out how to give, donate, or volunteer.

The Red Cross has a list of ways to get involved.
The New York Observer also has a long list of ways to help out. Click the link below for more information.
The Department of Parks and Recreation has information on ways to help aid in the clean up and recovery at parks and playgrounds throughout the city. Click below to find information by borough.
The New York City Office of Emergency Management is in need of volunteers with emergency training or certification and skilled in managing a shelter, running an interagency taskforce (ITF) or working in the emergency operations center (EOC). If you would like to volunteer, please contact Nick Matthews at the NYC OEM by email:                                       
Thank you, 
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