Community Room Regulations

875 West End Ave. Community Room and Playroom Rules & Regulations*

  1. The Community Room is a multi-purpose room, available exclusively to residents of 875 West End Avenue, their guests, and their children’s caregivers. Adjacent to the Community Room is a Playroom for the children of residents, their caregivers, and their guests under adult supervision.
  2. An adult resident or resident’s caregiver must accompany guests in the Community Room and the Playroom at all times.
  3. All guests of residents using the Community Room and the Playroom must sign in and sign out with the doorman when arriving to and leaving from the building, with the exception of private events guests.
  4. An adult must supervise children at all times.
  5. Residents are responsible for their caregiver’s understanding of the rules and regulations and adhering to them.
  6. Users of the Community Room assume responsibility and liability for any damage.
  7. This is a carry-in, carry-out space. Take all trash with you when leaving and discard it in the bins outside the Community Room or on your own floor.
  8. Discarding diapers, food or trash in the Community Room and in the Playroom is strictly prohibited.
  9. Residents, their caregivers, and their guests are expected to clean up after themselves, including wiping shelves and toys, cleaning the blackboard wall and removing all trash.
  10. Each resident, resident’s caregiver, and their guest is responsible for returning the toys and books to their bins and shelves, and leaving the place in order.
  11. No personal belongings can be left overnight.
  12. No toys or equipment can be removed from the Community Room or the Playroom.
  13. Do not deposit toys, books or any objects in the Community Room or Playroom without prior approval of the Community Room Committee.
  14. All toys that do not belong to the Playroom will be discarded without notice.
  15. No food or any beverages are permitted in the Playroom.
  16. Pets are not permitted in the Community Room or in the Playroom
  17. Smoking is not permitted in the Community Room or in the Playroom
  18. The Community Room and the Playroom are open daily from 9:00 AM until 11:00 PM.
  19. Residents may use the Community Room for activities and meetings sponsored and attended by residents, for meetings of non-profit groups that help improve the quality of life in our immediate community. For a fee, residents may reserve the Community Room for private events (see Private Event Agreement Form for details).
  20. All exclusive meetings and events have to be pre-approved by the Community Room Committee and the Host must follow all the guidelines.
  21. Report any problems to the doorman at once.
  22. Contact the Community Room Committee by sending e-mail to:

*NOTE: Rules and Regulations subject to change. See the Community Room bulletin board for current Rules and Regulations, also available from Doorman.

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