Building Contacts

Orsid Realty Corporate Office:

1740 Broadway, 2nd Floor, NY, NY 10019
Orsid Realty Management Office:
310 Riverside Drive 212-864-1715 or 212-864-1700

Orsid Associate Account Executive

Al Dizdari: 646-813-9699 /

Orsid Supervisory Building Manager

General building questions, including Bike Room & Storage Room availability and rentals:
Al Dizdari: 646-813-9699 /

875 Building Staff

Building Superintendent:


Front Door: 212-866-1212

  • Abraham Gonzalez
  • Samuel Gonzalez
  • Manuel Gill
  • Vijarthi (VJ) Narain


  • George Berishaj


  • Alex Garcia
  • Carlos Fuentes

Board of Directors:

  • Bernice Belth-Garbers, President, 6G
  • Stephanie Lasher, Vice President, 4B
  • Pegi Gorelick, Treasurer, 10A
  • Bruce Gordon, Secretary, 14/15F
  • Marina Higgins, Director, Argo Corp.
  • Christopher March, Director, 16A
  • Mark Seaman, Director, 11G

The Fitness Center Committee
Members of this committee are volunteers. They do their best to respond quickly, but can’t promise to always be able to do so as quickly as you’d like, or as one might expect from a commercial establishment. They ask for your patience.

  • Yevgeny Azrieli, 2C
  • Denise Clappi, 2F
  • Richard deThuin, 11F
  • Bruce Gordon, 14F
  • Yvonne Hicks, 8F
  • Mary McLoughlin, 15G
  • Hewitt Rubel, 2E
  • Leilani Straw, 10F

Community Room and Playroom Committee:

  • Anne Mazza, 6E

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