Alterations Process

Get approvals before proceeding!
Don't charge off into action
without the right paperwork!

To Obtain Approval of Unit Alterations

Contact Orsid’s Alterations Administrator, Donika Dodaj, at 212-484-3757 or Request a complete alterations package that lays out in detail the documents and information needed to be filed with building management. The alteration package also details the specific licenses and insurance certificates that must accompany this package.

There are two types of alterations:

Type I:

A simple renovation. Some examples include carpeting, wallpapering, painting, refinishing existing wood flooring, re-grouting bathroom tile, replacing an appliance or individual light fixture in the existing location, and installation of a window AC unit. Type I renovations require no security deposit, no usage fee and no processing fee. Time frame will be two months.

Type II:

A more complicated alteration. Some examples include: full replacement of two or more plumbing fixtures—lavatory, bathtub, shower stall construction or shower area retiling—in their existing locations with similar size and style fixtures; installation/replacement of kitchen cabinetry/counters, without changing existing layout; installation of new appliances and fixtures with only minor electrical work; removal or construction of any wall or ceiling; installation of new flooring or partitions; any new or modified penetrations of the exterior building wall—i.e., approved through-wall ale or exhaust vent; replacement of windows; heating and air conditioning work, excluding sleeve and window AC units; electrical work; plumbing work; and combinations of apartments, kitchen and bathroom alterations which involve reconfiguration of space and installation of new appliances & plumbing fixtures.

Again, if you require additional information or have any questions, please call 212-484-3757 or email at