Rules for 875 WEA Classified Ads

In a Nutshell:


  • Play nice. Be polite and courteous at all times.
  • Avoid negativity and posts that may create discord, malign or antagonize others, or create offense. That which is abhorrent to you, do not do to another.


  • Spamming, aggressive marketing, trading in illegal goods, using inappropriate images, profanity, harassment, threat or suggestion of physical violence, promotion of salacious behavior, posting others’ names, email addresses or other personal contact information without their permission.
  • Only non-copyrighted images/attachments may be posted. Offers to sell, purchase, trade or give away unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials are prohibited. This includes links to other sites where such materials can be obtained.
  • Even the suggestion of criminal behavior will, of course, result in immediate and permanent ban, and will be reported to the legal authorities.
  • Sharing logins and passwords with other residents or non-residents, is grounds for immediate loss of membership privileges.
  • Avatars may be used in WEA Classifieds, but those of political, sexual or religious nature, and avatars that mock, slander or defame other individuals, instruments or organizations are prohibited.


  • When above guidelines don’t cover a questionable situation, the forum moderator and/or Board of 875 WEA reserve full right to make decisions in the interest of the community as to whether a post is appropriate and consistent with policy. Moderators may edit, reject or delete a post. In extreme cases they may revoke posting privileges.
  • Posts that antagonize or call into question the moderator’s control of 875 WEA Classifieds, or the Board’s right to enforce Classifieds policy, are forbidden, and may result in loss of posting privileges.
  • Concerns regarding forum policy should be addressed to the moderator or the Board privately, and not on this site.

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